Why is Japanese Food So Healthy?

We live in the current world, finding healthy dietary solutions is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Healthy foods are associated with traditional cuisines that date back a couple of decades, if not century’s back, across different cultures worldwide. One of the healthy foods making their way into different cities and towns all over is Japanese foods. These foods are highly regarded due to their nutrient-rich ingredients that boost immunity and prolong an individual’s health.

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Some Revered Traditional Japanese Foods

Gohan – Steamed Rice and Fish

In Japan, no meal is complete without a dish of hot steamed rice, which is part of most meals. The rice is made from polished short-grain and is served mainly with fish, making the meal healthy due to its low-fat content. Most restaurants serve Japanese foods simply because their dishes are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fish is a perfect substitute for dairy products that have high-fat content.

Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken in Japanese recipes is accompanied by fruits, vegetables, seaweed, and soy, which add to the low-fat theme Japanese culture is all about. The chicken is a rich source of lean protein and other vital vitamins essential to a person’s health. These ingredients are critical to some of the most delicious and healthy dishes served in most restaurants as part of their healthy menu. Some of the Japanese dishes made from these ingredients are Vegetable tempura, fishcakes, and nori chicken which offer variety and flavor while maintaining low-fat levels.

Natural Probiotics

Japanese foods have a range of fermented foods and drinks currently becoming popular in most parts of the globe. Recent studies show that the bacteria found in our stomach plays a vital role in processes such as the immune system, metabolism, and even brain chemistry. Japanese fermented dishes are becoming common in both local and 5-star restaurants as accompaniments or dessert. Some of these dishes include Miso, natto, katsuobushi, Japanese pickles, and umeboshi. These fermented cuisines are best known for improved digestion, nutrients and synthesis, increased immune functions, and make a person’s mood more lively and vibrant.

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