Tsunami Sushi is Coming to Lakewood Ranch!

Welcome to Tsunami Sushi, coming soon to our friends and neighbors in Lakewood Ranch, Florida!

The popular Sarasota sushi and hibachi restaurant has expanded into nearby Lakewood Ranch to accommodate the ever-growing demand for novel Japanese cuisine. There are numerous ways to enjoy great food when you visit us for our grand opening, coming anytime now.

Tsunami Sushi Lakewood Ranch

Tsunami Sushi Coming Soon to Lakewood Ranch

After a few planning delays, Tsunami Sushi is heading to Lakewood Ranch within the next few weeks (no exact grand opening yet, but stay tuned for updates).

Where are we in Lakewood Ranch?

You can visit our new sushi restaurant soon at The Green, next to Winn-Dixie, at 11627 E. State Rd 70. We’re excited about this spot and can’t wait to give the community another great dining option, especially a unique one like sushi and hibachi.

What’s on the menu at Tsunami Sushi?

You can expect all the wonderful appetizers, entrees, and drinks that have made our Sarasota location such a hit. Our large Japanese menu and outstanding customer service are big reasons we possess a 4.5/5-star rating from over 800 customers on our Google Business Profile. These are just a few of our favorite menu items, broken down by category.


We have about a couple dozen entrees from three savory subcategories: sushi, hibachi, and primary entrees (i.e. General Tso’s chicken, Yakisoba, and Seafood Stir Fry). Our hibachi selections come with numerous protein choices: shrimp, chicken, filet mignon, salmon, scallop, and more. All entrees come with soup and salad.

Sushi Rolls

Of course, you can visit us for just the sushi alone. Did you know we serve 30 different sushi roll varieties? They come in many sizes and prices (from $13 to $30), so you can find something budget-friendly and/or feed an entire family.


You haven’t had authentic Japanese until you’ve tried our spectacular Yellowtail Sashimi or Chicken Tatsu-age. Some patrons enjoy making a meal with appetizers alone.

Alcohol Beverages

We have everything from Japanese Sake to our patented Tsunami cocktails if you’d like a strong beverage with your sushi and hibachi. Folks also appreciate our Japanese beer selection, which includes Sapporo and Echigo Koshihikari (gluten-free rice beer).


We have five dessert options, including Tempura Ice Cream, which is a tempura-fried pound cake. If you’d rather drink your dessert, you’ll enjoy the relaxing Mochi green tea, mixed with vanilla and mango. 

Sushi at Sarasota Japanese Restaurant

Other Services at Tsunami Sushi

We also provide lucrative catering services to nearby patrons. This means you can either enjoy a great meal in person, or hire us for your next birthday party or business conference. Plus, we’re available through all the popular delivery venues like GrubHub and DoorDash for fast takeout convenience.

Tsunami Sushi carries the most authentic Japanese dishes, prepared by dedicated chefs. Sam Ray, the owner of Tsunami Sushi, warmly welcomes you to the new location in Lakewood Ranch. If you’d like to learn more about the new restaurant or anything else we do, contact us via email at our Sarasota establishment.

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