Three Asian Foods for Picky Children

In a perfect world, children would behave all the time, enjoy taking baths, and not want to eat three course meals of junk food a day. As we all know, the world is far from perfect and getting children to eat anything healthy or nutritious can sometimes be a never-ending battle.

Child at Tsunami Sushi in Sarasota

Finding a compromise or a middle ground isn’t always easy, but there’s a solution that might solve this parental dilemma. The next time your young ones are petitioning you for some drive through, these three Asian delicacies might be appealing to their taste buds. 

Fried Rice

A major staple in many Asian dishes, fried rice can be the best way to sneak some much-needed vegetables to your children. As it’s usually served with peas and carrots, the tangy addition of soy sauce will have them wanting more. Serve with some chicken to maximize the effect of intaking essential carbs and protein. They’ll be trading up french fries for fried rice after just one bite. 

Lo Mein Noodles 

It doesn’t take an expert dietician to point out that kids love noodles. From mac & cheese to spaghetti, children slurp them down with unbridled enthusiasm. As one of the most popular dishes imported from Asia, Lo Mein goes together well with chicken or sweet and sour pork. Your kids will love this combination. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about those incessant slurping noises. 


For many years, melted cheese on broccoli got kids to dine in on vegetables of the green variety. The same method of persuasion can be used with teriyaki. A marinade derived from soy sauce, ginger, and sugar, this savory glaze goes well with chicken, pork, rice, and a variety of other foods. The tangy glaze and mild sweetness will leave kids no choice but to surrender their willpower. Teriyaki glazed protein usually gets a little messy, so don’t forget a good supply of napkins. 

Now that you have an idea of what to tempt your kids with, it’s the perfect time to bring the entire family down to Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill. We have a wide variety of delicacies that will not only appeal to your children’s appetite, but the entire family. What better way to introduce your children to the wonderful items on our menu than by reserving a table and enjoying some first-class Asian cuisine. Visit us online at for our menu, delivery options, and much more. To reach us by phone, please call 941.366.1033!

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