Proper Etiquette for Eating Sushi

From the earliest days of sitting at the dinner table, basic mealtime manners were drilled into your brain. Not having your elbows on the table or talking with your mouth full were the basic behaviors that you learned early on. Mealtime etiquette varies depending on the culture, and countries from the far east have their own mannerisms that they expect guests at the table to adhere to. While sushi is one of the biggest and most popular imports by way of Japan, there are customary mannerisms that need to be observed when partaking in eating this delicious Asian cuisine.

Woman Eating Sushi

One Bite, No Exceptions

Sushi is indeed quite delicious. It’s also meant to be eaten in a single bite. It’s considered improper to leave half-eaten sushi rolls on your plate or taking half-bites. 

You Can Forgo the Chop Sticks 

Chopsticks are an acquired talent and not everyone can use them at an acceptable level of competency. Luckily, they are not mandatory. As a matter of fact, many Japanese people opt to eat sushi with their hands. While this applies to sushi, it’s customary to NEVER eat sashimi with your bare hands. 

Leave Ginger on Gilligan’s Island

While westerners are known for enjoying pickled ginger on their sushi, this is a big no-no in Japan. Ginger is eaten, but only in between bites of sushi to cleanse your palate. This is a rule that carries no exceptions, so be sure to observe it. 

Be Careful with Those Chopsticks, Eugene. 

You might decide to not use chopsticks during your meal. However, if you do, it’s very important that you handle them correctly when you’re not using them. Placing them vertically in your rice or soup is only considered proper at a funeral. If you’re using chopsticks of considerable quality, do not rub them together. This is considered improper behavior and disrespectful. 

Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi 

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