Lower Your Stroke & Heart Disease Risk with the Japanese Diet

The Japanese diet has a tremendous track record for extending longevity. Even just a passing glance at the country’s life expectancy (over 84 years) makes it clear that the island nation knows how to eat and live healthy. Besides that, Japan’s territory, Okinawa, is home to more centenarians-per-capita than any other place on Earth.

So, what is the Japanese Diet, how does it reduce heart disease, and where can you try it around Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch?

Japanese Food

Japanese Diet Essentials

As you may already know, the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine involves fresh seafood of various kinds. It also includes several healthy whole-food staples such as soy, rice, small amounts of bread, noodles (like Yakisoba), eggs, and a little diary. So, it’s far from a “deprivation diet,” when you eat like someone from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Other traditional Japanese foods include some that are popular here in the United States: tempura, sushi, sashimi, hijiki, chirashi, and many more.

The Japanese Diet: Great for Mitigating Cardiovascular Issues

Like we mentioned, the Japanese Diet has proven itself, time and again, as beneficial to those who wish to avoid stroke or heart trouble. That’s because it eschews some of the typical dietary hazards, like excessive saturated fats or all the processed foods with indigestible preservatives.

Japanese food also helps people limit the risk of cardiovascular disease by maximizing healthy cholesterol (HDLs), while simultaneously lowering bad cholesterol (LDLs). Plus, if you’re familiar with Omega-3 fatty acids, then you know they’re quite abundant in seafood. Therefore, the sushi, crab, or lobster you consume, could be very beneficial as a clean source of energy, and for conquering cholesterol imbalances.

Enjoy Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Tsunami Sushi

Finally, we’d be remiss not to share our experience preparing authentic Japanese food with you at our two locations in western Florida. Our growing menu selections include an array of Japanese sushi, sashimi, and other seafood, optimal for any health-conscious eater. There are literally dozens of ways to embrace the Japanese Diet anytime you visit us for lunch or dinner.

Better yet, you can leverage this tremendously healthy dietary approach AND experience a fine-dining atmosphere whenever you try Tsunami Sushi. Even if you can’t dine with us in person, we also offer convenient delivery and takeout options.

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