Holiday Catering from Tsunami Sushi!

There’s no denying that the holiday season brings about a great amount of joy and enthusiasm. The joys of gift giving, the time spent with your friends and family, and the gatherings that involve both. However, there’s another side to the season, and it consists of stress and aggravation. This is nothing new. Between shopping and planning those intimate gatherings, it can all take a toll on your psyche. If there’s an event that has fallen into your lap, and you’re dreading the prospect of preparation, you can bypass this altogether by ordering catering from Tsunami Sushi

Tsunami Catering

Less Stress, More Taste 

While holiday parties can be very enjoyable, they also tend to be somewhat predictable in their offerings. No one’s going to be impressed or wowed by the appearance of stuffing and pumpkin pie. This is why you should think outside the box this season and take advantage of the delicious and nutritious offerings that Tsunami Sushi has to offer. And what’s better, we’ll take care of the preparation and cooking and deliver the goods that your guests will savor. 

The Advantages of Authentic Asian Cuisine 

There’s no denying that holiday feasts might be enjoyable, but they usually result in gaining a few extra pounds around this time of year. Your grandmother has the best intentions with that homemade pecan pie, but the calories that came with it weren’t the best thing in the world. One of the advantages of partaking in Asian cuisine is that the worlds of taste and nutrition are blended seamlessly to create a dining experience unlike any other. Sushi, for example, has final amounts of calories and fat but has high concentrations of protein and fatty acids known as Omega-3s that are essential for the promotion and sustaining of a healthy heart. 

Something to Wash it All Down With 

Aside from the tasty offerings from our menu, choosing catering from Tsunami Sushi also means a fine selection of Japanese beers normally not commonly found at the average watering hole or liquor store. Kirran and Sapporo are both available, and for a truly decadent celebration, Saki is also available. 

As Sarasota’s favorite sushi establishment, you’ll we’re happy to give your holiday celebration the touch it needs for a memorable night.  Reach out to us at Tsunami Sushi today by calling 941-366-1033 or stopping by at 100 Central Avenue, Suite 1022.

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