Hibachi’s History

Many of our patrons ask us questions about sushi secrets or want to know more about Hibachi. Part of the fun of visiting a sushi and Hibachi restaurant is all the novelty and intrigue (to say nothing of the incredible food). Naturally, the experience may leave you curious to know more. So, just for fun, let’s check out a brief history of hibachi, a food-grilling method that goes back at least 1,000 years.

Sarasota Hibachi

Brief History of Hibachi

First, we should explain what exactly we mean by Hibachi. It derives from the Japanese word “teppanyaki,” which means “grilled over an iron plate.” If you’ve ever visited a Hibachi restaurant, you know that’s the fun part: getting to watch the chef prepare food at light speed on the big hot plate.

Estimates for the origin of Hibachi or teppanyaki are somewhat nebulous, which is common for any near-ancient dish. Some food scholars think it goes all the way back to the 9th or 10th century, sometime during the Heian Period in Japan. What may surprise some Hibachi fans is that they probably began cooking it on composite wood rather than iron or steel, because that’s all Japan had back then.

After a while, Hibachi materials began to look more like the hot iron we recognize now, but they were more exclusive to the samurai and wealthy classes. Hibachi did not become popular with ordinary peasants until the 19th century or even the middle 20th century (depending on who you ask). Most agree, however, that full Hibachi restaurants did not arrive until the end of WWII in Japan.

Why Folks Enjoy Hibachi So Much

That’s the broad history of Hibachi, and as you might expect, involves cooking many ingredients and dishes. When you visit Tsunami Sushi and watch us prepare it, you’ll notice a pretty rich menu diversity.

Why do folks everywhere, including around Sarasota, seem to love Hibachi so much?

  • It’s a ton of fun to watch a master chef cook rapidly with such precision.
  • Hibachi is essentially dinner and a show all in one.
  • You can enjoy the healthiest and tastiest foods, like shrimp, chicken, salmon, scallops, filet & lobster, and much more.
  • There’s also plenty of sauces, spices, and novelty flavors you don’t get to experience very often.

Learn Why Hibachi Surpasses All Hype by Visiting Tsunami Sushi

We make the best Hibachi and sushi anywhere in our community with a popular location in Sarasota, and a new restaurant coming soon to Lakewood Ranch. Come and let our expert chefs treat you to authentic Hibachi, sushi, sashimi, and more. You can even try some of our unique Japanese beers, wines, and cocktails.

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