Grab the Fam for National Family Day and Head to Tsunami Sushi

You’ve heard of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and maybe even Grandparents’ Day, but have you heard of National Family Day? National Family Day is a day dedicated to families. This year, grab the fam for National Family Day and head to Tsunami Sushi!

National Family day is Sunday, September 26, 2021. This holiday is a day used to celebrate family, whether you have a traditional family, a chosen family, or both. While a traditional family includes parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, and children, a chosen family includes friends and other loved ones. Spend your National Family Day with the people you care about most.

One of the best ways to celebrate National Family Day is by going out to eat. Instead of inviting everyone to your house, preparing a meal, and doing a bunch of dishes, you can book a reservation at Tsunami Sushi.

The menu at Tsunami Sushi has something for everyone. Consider ordering up some appetizers to share with your family before your meal. We serve edamame, vegetable tempura, calamari, lava rock, gyoza, harumaki, and more.

As you can tell by our name, we’re known for our sushi here at Tsunami sushi. There is a roll for everyone, so check out our vegan rolls, low carb rolls, and maki rolls. From our vegan roll menu, consider the cucumber roll with white rice; the Lucy roll with sweet potato, avocado, and sweet brown sauce; or the spooky roll made with tempura sweet potato, daikon, avocado, purple rice, and kobachi sauce. Our low carb rolls are made without rice and include options like the bullet roll, lollipop roll, and summer roll. Additionally, our maki rolls are packed with flavor. Try the Venice, the Florida, or the Devil.

We also serve entrees like pineapple chicken fried rice, walnut shrimp, and tempura shrimp, so schedule your reservation for September 26 to celebrate National Family Day with us! To make your reservation at Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill, call 941-366-1033 today!

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