Five Reasons You Should Travel to Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with a historic culture and unique architecture. Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill tries to honor Japan in our cuisine choices, and we also recommend that you put Japan on your list of places to visit in the future. Here are five reasons why you should visit Japan.

Temples, shrines, and castles — Japan’s long history includes a strong religious culture that has resulted in thousands of shrines and temples throughout the country. For example, in the Kyoto area alone there are almost 2,000 temples alone. The beautiful architecture of Japan is demonstrated in the many structures that define our religion and history.

Landscapes and nature — Japan is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and gardens wherever you visit. Also, we have a large variety of wildlife that co-exist with people throughout the Japanese islands. No matter where you go, you are certain to see vistas and nature like nowhere else in the world.

The people — The Japanese people are proud of their heritage and history. They are also polite, gracious, and friendly wherever you travel. Do not go to Japan without taking the time to interact with our people — it is a key part of enjoying your Japan trip.

The unique — Japan has a society that embraces different norms than Western cultures. The people also love technology and sometimes even embrace strangeness — consider toilets that talk to you or ice cream served in a toilet bowl! You can have lots of fun looking for the unique parts of Japan that you won’t find anywhere else.

The food — Japanese food is certainly about taste, but the chefs consider that all dishes should delight every sense, not just taste. The look and presentation of food are critical to a delicious Japanese meal. You can also experience tastes and flavors not found in other parts of the world. Be adventurous and try different Japanese foods while you are there for a total Japanese experience.

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