Eating Sushi With Wasabi: A Quick How-To Guide

If you’ve ever gone to a Japanese restaurant and partaken in sushi, then you’ve most likely noticed the pickled ginger, soy sauce, and, most notably, wasabi that are served with your meal. If you’ve tried the wasabi, then you already know it’s got quite the kick that your pallet might not be used to. Eating sushi with wasabi requires a technique that allows the sauce to accentuate the flavor and not overpower it. 

Sushi and Wasabi

The Purpose of Wasabi 

Wasabi was introduced to accentuate the flavor of the fish and also eliminate bacteria. Today, wasabi is enjoyed by many for its kick and hard-hitting taste. As with anything else you consume, moderation is the key to helping bring out the flavor of your sushi. 

Introduce Your Pallet

Every establishment has its own unique brand of wasabi. The sauce tends to be bright green and has a consistency similar to guacamole. Before you place any on your sushi, take a taste and make sure it’s something you want to try more of.

Do’s and Don’ts 

Don’t Mix the Wasabi and Soy Sauce 

While you may feel tempted to create a bold new flavor, you should NEVER mix wasabi and soy sauce together. Aside from this being considered improper behavior, it ruins the flavors of each one when they’re mixed together. 

Dab It On! 

The trick to applying wasabi to your sushi is to use the right amount. Too little will have you tasting the fish more than the wasabi, but too much will overpower the taste altogether, and you’ll most likely get a sudden urge to drown your mouth in saki. The best option is to dab some on one end and dip it in soy sauce on the other. Eat your sushi in one bite, and see what side you prefer. 

There are Alternatives 

If you try wasabi and find it’s just too strong for your liking, there are other sauces you can dip your sushi in. Pickled ginger is a favorite of many, and soy sauce, aside from being delicious, is gluten-free. If you find yourself enjoying sushi without any accompanying sauces, have at it. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself. 

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