Eating Fish Twice a Week for a Happier and Healthier Heart

In the past, fish has always been referred to as “brain food.” While this description is accurate, having a diet with two servings of fish a week is very beneficial for promoting and maintaining a healthy heart. So, you see, fish really is brain food, because eating more of it might be one of the healthiest decisions you make this year. Our bodies need protein, and by changing your source from ground beef or chicken to fish, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. 

Sushi at Tsunami Sushi

Why Should I Eat Two Servings of Fish a Week? 

Red meat and fish both provide substantial amounts of protein, but the American Heart Association recommends fish because it’s more beneficial for your heart. Fish contain fatty acids known as omega 3’s which have been clinically proven to decrease the risk of heart disease and abnormal heart rhythms. Omega 3’s incorporate themselves into the cells found in the human body and help the heart function properly.

What Fish Should I Eat? Are There Types I Should Stay Away From? 

All fish are not created equal. While there are several different varieties and species, they don’t all share the same nutritional value. Fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, and tuna all have high levels of Omega 3s. You can also get decent levels of Omega 3s from cod, catfish, as well as shrimp. Some farm bread fish has turned out to be healthier, so take this into consideration when making your purchases. 

If you’re focusing on your health, then there are some fish types to stay away from. Fish sticks and processed fish tend to have high amounts of sodium and fat. Shark and swordfish are also advised to stay away from. Recent laboratory tests have shown both to have abnormal levels of mercury, which can be very harmful during the early stages of fetal development. 

Healthy Choices at Tsunami Sushi 

Sushi is one of the healthiest ways that fish can be prepared. Aside from being high in the fatty acids that are necessary for heart health, sushi has been linked to various studies which have shown its effectiveness in fighting osteoporosis and even prevent wrinkles. At Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill in Sarasota, we offer the finest prepared and highest in quality. If you’re ready to do your heart a solid favor, then we can help you get started on implementing more fish into your diet. Visit us online for our menu, and give us a call at 941-366-1033 for your reservation. You can find us located at 100 Central Avenue, Suite 1022, in Sarasota

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