Did You Know These Facts about Wasabi?

If you are a certified sushi lover, you probably already know about how great wasabi is. However, if you are new to sushi, you may not have information on wasabi. Here is some information for sushi lovers everywhere so you can become a wasabi genius. Wasabi is a great complement to sushi, and helps to cleanse the palate. 

What Is Wasabi?

Wasabi shows up on your sushi plate as a green paste. You may notice that wasabi also shows up in recipes for mayonnaise and marinades. Wasabi is a plant-based product. It is a difficult plant to grow, enjoying the cool, mountain, stream beds in Japan and Taiwan. The plant doesn’t tolerate direct sunlight at all. Demand for wasabi has increased dramatically. Because demand is so high, what you may think is wasabi at the store may not actually be wasabi. Wasabi is really scarce, so if the ingredient in your “wasabi paste” isn’t wasabi or something called wasabi japonica, it isn’t wasabi. 

Sushi Heart with Wasabi

Wasabi is a member of the cabbage family, but it does not have a cabbage taste. Instead, the wasabi is hot, spicy, and even sinus-clearing. Wasabi is full of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant also contains vitamins C as well as potassium and calcium–which is great news for people who don’t use dairy products. One important tip for sushi fans, and most likely the reason wasabi made it onto your sushi plate in the first place–wasabi contains a special oil. This oil has anti-bacterial properties. It is also an insecticide, which means that it can prevent food poisoning. What a great idea it was to pair wasabi with raw fish, like sashimi. 

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