Celebrating International Sushi Day in Sarasota

Knowing that any holiday is approaching can trigger considerable stress in anyone. Rushing out to make plans, acquiring the perfect gifts and greeting cards for the occasion, and several other activities can be considered arduous tasks. However, the holiday we’re discussing today has none of those stressors and is more focused on the celebration and consumption of sushi. These morsels of raw fish and rice wrapped up in seaweed and accentuated with vegetables and other ingredients are widely popular nationwide. And on June 18th, we recognize just how wonderful they are with International Sushi Day. And while there’s never a bad time to visit Tsunami Sushi in Sarasota and partake, we hope to see you observe the festivities with us on this very special day. 

Sushi at Sarasota Japanese Restaurant

Humble Beginnings 

Like many other exotic dishes that have come to the United States from other cultures to be assimilated into our own, Sushi has a unique and interesting history related to it. The dish first began appearing in Japan around the 1600s. However, the rice we now know as a primary ingredient in sushi was used as a preservative and not for consumption. This changed around 1800. A few decades later, Admiral Perry of the United States Navy was responsible for opening up trade routes with Feudal Japan, and this would mark the first steps to the dish becoming available in America. 

Healthy and Delicious 

Many people love sushi because of its taste. Served alongside such toppings as soy, ginger, and wasabi, there’s an endless amount of combinations that exist, and sushi can be prepared in such a way to be agreeable to any individual taste. Of course, sushi is far more than just a tasty dish; it also provides a significant amount of nutrition that our bodies need. Fish, especially when served raw, provides a large amount of protein and less fat than other types of meat. It’s recommended that adults get two to three servings of fish per week to promote heart health, and sushi is a great way to achieve this. Served with rice and soy sauce is an award-winning combination that’s naturally gluten-free, which is something to keep in mind if you’re abstaining from gluten. 

Tsunami Sushi 

As the best location for sushi in Sarasota, the offerings you’ll come across at Tsunami not only taste great, but they’re an excellent source of nutrition and a wonderful way to celebrate International Sushi Day. Visit us soon at 100 Central Ave Suite 1022 in Sarasota.

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