Celebrate Japanese Culture Day

One of the greatest aspects of living in the United States is that several cultures have had their hand in shaping the home we hold dear. In 1853, American Admiral Robert Perry arrived in Tokyo Bay to establish both discourse and trade with the feudal empire. Since then, there has been a fascination with the island nation. On November 3rd, we celebrate Japanese Culture Day and show our appreciation for the many contributions to the culture that the country has bestowed upon western society.

Celebrate Japanese Culture Day

The primary focus of the holiday, which is known as “Bunka no Hi”, is to highlight the ideals of culture, peace, and freedom that were specified in the constitution of Japan following the end of the second world war. The holiday in question began in 1868 and originally observed the birth of Emperor Meiji. Following the adaptation of the countries’ constitution, the holiday was henceforth named ‘culture day.”

Japan’s cultural influence on the United States has taken the form of Anime, foods such as Hibachi and Sushi, and films such as Throne of Blood and Seven Samurai. A clear-cut example of Japan’s motion pictures making a cultural impact can be seen in Star Wars, which served as a love letter to many of the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa, and The Magnificent Seven, which was a retelling of the director’s classic Seven Samurai but retold in the American west.

There are many ways in which Japanese Culture Day can be observed. One of the most common ways is to visit any art gallery which features or exhibits work from Japanese artists. There are plenty of Japanese musical artists who have crossed over into the west, such as traditional artist Kitaro, as well as metal acts such as Sigh and Abigail. Find a part of Japanese culture that’s previously unknown to you, and spend the day immersing yourself in a brand-new experience.

Another way to celebrate Japanese culture is to partake in some of the many culinary dishes that have made their way over to the states. If you live in the Sarasota area, Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill offers up traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re looking to celebrate on Japanese Culture Day or any day for that matter, drop by our convenient location at 100 Central Avenue, Suite 1022, in Sarasota, or visit our website. You’ll find a complete menu, reservations, and much more. If you’re staying in for the night, we also offer delivery!

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