Proper Etiquette for Eating Sushi

From the earliest days of sitting at the dinner table, basic mealtime manners were drilled into your brain. Not having your elbows on the table or talking with your mouth full were the basic behaviors that you learned early on. Mealtime etiquette varies depending on the culture, and countries from the far east have their own mannerisms that they expect guests at the table to adhere to. While sushi is one of the biggest and most popular imports by way of Japan, there are customary mannerisms that need to be observed when partaking in eating this delicious Asian cuisine.

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Become a Sushi Lover!

2022 is the year that you’ve decided to eat healthier. You’re going to say “goodbye” to the burgers and pizza and “hello” to cuisines that are beneficial for your longevity. But where to start? You might want to begin with more fish in your diet. The American Heart Association has determined that two to three servings of fish a week can be very beneficial for heart health. However, fish sticks are not a viable option. Fear not, for now, is the time to jump aboard the sushi bandwagon on route for a better life. 

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Celebrate Japanese Culture Day

One of the greatest aspects of living in the United States is that several cultures have had their hand in shaping the home we hold dear. In 1853, American Admiral Robert Perry arrived in Tokyo Bay to establish both discourse and trade with the feudal empire. Since then, there has been a fascination with the island nation. On November 3rd, we celebrate Japanese Culture Day and show our appreciation for the many contributions to the culture that the country has bestowed upon western society.

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Eating Fish Twice a Week for a Happier and Healthier Heart

In the past, fish has always been referred to as “brain food.” While this description is accurate, having a diet with two servings of fish a week is very beneficial for promoting and maintaining a healthy heart. So, you see, fish really is brain food, because eating more of it might be one of the healthiest decisions you make this year. Our bodies need protein, and by changing your source from ground beef or chicken to fish, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. 

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Three Asian Foods for Picky Children

In a perfect world, children would behave all the time, enjoy taking baths, and not want to eat three course meals of junk food a day. As we all know, the world is far from perfect and getting children to eat anything healthy or nutritious can sometimes be a never-ending battle.

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How to Order and Eat Sushi

Sushi is a great type of Asian cuisine that offers so many options, textures, and flavors.  It has been an increasingly popular dining choice for people everywhere but can certainly seem daunting if you’ve never ordered or eaten it before.  Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill is a great place for both seasoned sushi diners and newbies alike, and we’re here to help you have the best possible experience when it comes to trying what will likely be your new favorite type of food!

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