Eating Sashimi Has Its Benefits!

Making healthy choices concerning our diet isn’t always easy. Often, we tend to think that just because a dish is healthy it lacks taste and flavor. However, at Tsunami Sushi we assure you this isn’t the case. One of the best ways to introduce a healthy dish into your diet is through the Japanese dish, sashimi. While it’s sometimes confused with sushi, sashimi is slightly different. Sashimi is raw fish, sliced thinly, and usually topped with soy sauce. 

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What You Wanted to Know About Sashimi but Might Have Been Afraid to Ask

If you’re someone who partakes in and enjoys Asian cuisine, you might have heard the term “sashimi” used in relation to either sushi or raw fish. But, how much do you know about it? Sure, you may already be familiar with the term and maybe even a fan of the delicacy, but for those who are curious, we’re here to give you a crash course. By the time you’re reading up on all these tasty tidbits of information, you’ll be ordering like a pro!

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The Health Benefits of Japanese Cuisine

If you’ve ever stopped in at Japanese food in Sarasota, then you’re familiar with the cuisine we serve up daily. Right when you walk in the door you’re confronted by our inviting atmosphere and aroma of traditional Japanese delicacies being made for you and the hundreds of others who patronize our establishment. Not only are our offerings savory, succulent, and crafted with perfection, they’re also healthy for you. Unprocessed ingredients and fresh vegetables are just part of the story, Japanese food is based upon the principles of health and longevity, both of which are readily available at Tsunami Sushi. 

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February 6th is National Chopsticks Day!

In this day and age, there appears to be a holiday for everything. While some topics and subject matter are more deserving than others when it comes to having a day of devotion, the chopstick is more than worthy of praise. If you’ve ever eaten at an eatery that specializes in Asian cuisine, then you’re more than familiar with them. These handy devices have a unique history attached to them, so sit back and enjoy a won-ton or two as we turn back the pages of time…

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Tsunami Sushi

The month of February can only mean one thing—love is in the air. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and like so many others across the nation, you more than likely haven’t made any plans for your significant other. Fear not, a solution for this problem that so many encounter each year isn’t unattainable. Sure, you could race around town to acquire the chocolates, flowers, and other items that are commonly associated with the holiday in question, or, you could break with the monotony of tradition and go out on a limb and start your own. If you’re in the Sarasota area, why not enjoy this day of companionship at Tsunami Sushi

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