The Evolution of Modern Sushi

It’s hard to imagine a time when sushi wasn’t readily available for consumption. As one of the most popular food items in the United States, this Japanese delicacy is available at restaurants and grocery stores and is considered a chic and sophisticated dining experience. And, like many dishes that have found themselves woven into our … Read more

What’s the Difference between Sushi and Sashimi?

Sushi restaurants serve a variety of menu items, not just their namesake dish. If you are visiting a sushi restaurant soon and want to know more about the food on the menu, keep reading. We will help you understand the differences between sashimi and sushi. When you hear the word “sushi,” your mind may automatically … Read more

You Should Always Take Lunch and Here’s Why

We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while this expression has become well-known to many, lunch is just as, if not more important. Whether we’re in school or on the job site, taking those thirty minutes to enjoy the midday meal is of the utmost importance. You … Read more

How Do I Order at a Sushi Restaurant?

​​Sushi is delicious, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never had it before. Don’t let anxiety stop you from trying sushi. Here is how to order at a sushi restaurant. Sushi is a dish native to Japan. The meal is made up of cooked rice, seafood, vegetables, and sometimes even fruit. Nigiri is the … Read more

Celebrating International Sushi Day in Sarasota

Knowing that any holiday is approaching can trigger considerable stress in anyone. Rushing out to make plans, acquiring the perfect gifts and greeting cards for the occasion, and several other activities can be considered arduous tasks. However, the holiday we’re discussing today has none of those stressors and is more focused on the celebration and … Read more

The Amazing Health Benefits of Rice 

If you were to look for universally celebrated and enjoyed food, you would most likely discover that rice fits that definition almost too well. A dietary staple for over half of the world’s population, it’s also one of the healthiest. If you’ve ever been curious as to why this is, then by all means, read … Read more

Sushi Can Be Good for Your Mind and Body

While there’s certainly no shortage of dining options that are available these days, sushi is unquestionably one of the most popular. You would be hard-pressed to come across someone who’s never tried the delicacy that comes to us by way of Japan, and finding someone who doesn’t enjoy it is similar to finding the needle in the proverbial haystack. And while many enjoy the taste of the dish in question, it also provides a wealth of healthy attributes, some of which we’ll explore today. 

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Catering Life’s Biggest Moments

One of the most important things to consider when planning any type of event is the food you’ll be serving.  Food brings guests together and is a detail that is remembered for years to come.  Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill is here to help you by providing information for catering three of the biggest life events people plan, as well as delicious food for you and all your friends and family. 

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