5 Sushi Myths That Might Surprise You

Most Americans love sushi for its unique and impactful flavor. Even though sushi is so popular in the United States, many Americans don’t know a lot about the food. Keep reading to learn five surprising sushi myths:

The first sushi myth is that the fish is all that matters. However, this is not the case. While Americans see fish as the key ingredient of the dish, all of the ingredients are incredibly important. The seasoning of the fish, the preparation of the rice, and the flavor profile of the sauces make a massive difference in the overall quality of sushi.

The second myth is that all sushi is raw fish. Many Americans avoid sushi because they don’t want to consume raw fish, but not all sushi rolls include uncooked fish as an ingredient. In fact, you can order sushi without any fish at all. There are countless types of sushi available, including ones that contain cooked fish.

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Third, it is commonly believed that sushi is expensive, but this is just a myth. Sushi prices vary widely. You can spend as little as $5 on a roll of sushi, depending on what the dish contains and where you’re ordering it from. If you want to save some money on sushi, consider ordering a more simple roll. Dishes that only contain vegetables or two or three ingredients cost less than the most high-end delicacies.

The fourth sushi myth is that the dish must be paired with sake. Not only is this not true, but sake and sushi are actually not a traditional pairing. Sake is alcohol made from fermented rice. Because sushi rolls are made with rice, this is a rice-heavy combination that some people want to avoid. You may be more interested in pairing your food with beer or wine. If you don’t like to drink alcohol, tea is also an excellent alternative.

The final sushi myth is that you only want to get sushi on the day a fresh fish shipment comes in. Sure, same-day fresh sushi is nice, but slightly aged fish is actually the most ideal option. Sushi chefs specialize in serving fish at the perfect time, so you can trust that the fish they’re preparing is safe for you to eat. Some chefs wait one to two days to use fish in their sushi because slightly aged fish has the best flavor and texture.

Now that we’ve debunked some of the most surprising sushi myths, come order some rolls at Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill. Our fresh, flavorful sushi is sure to impress, so book your reservation by calling 941-366-1033 today!

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