4 Tips for Reheating Takeout

So you’ve ordered takeout, but you didn’t eat it all in one sitting. Have no fear, your delicious Japanese food won’t go to waste. Here are four tips for reheating takeout:

First, reheat with the proper appliance. Many of us automatically think of using the microwave to reheat our meals, but the microwave isn’t always the most ideal appliance. For example, if you’ve ordered yakisoba, this dish will taste better reheated on the stove than the microwave.

Sushi Rolls from Tsunami Sushi in Sarasota, FL

Next, consider the texture of your food. You want to maintain the texture of your meal as much as possible. If a dish is typically juicy, but seems dried out, add water or oil to the food to give it a better texture. If you have something that is intended to be crispy, reheat it in the oven to avoid sogginess. If you’re reheating your takeout soup, warm it up in the microwave, stirring frequently, to keep things evenly warm.

Beef, chicken, and seafood are intended to be moist. In order to preserve the texture and flavor of meat and seafood, reheat them at a low temperature for a long period of time. For additional flavor and moisture, try adding some oil or butter to your food.

The final reheating-takeout tip is using your broiler. If you’re reheating roasted vegetables, high heat is best. A broiler allows you to quickly reheat vegetables thoroughly. Lay out your veggies on a pan and then place them in the oven on a broil setting. After 10 minutes, your food will be completely reheated and moist, without being soggy or flavorless.

When you follow these tips, your Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi Grill food can taste nearly as good as when it arrived on your doorstep. To place an order at Tsunami, you can use Uber Eats, Toast, Grubhub, Doordash, Bite Squad, or you can give us a call at 941-366-1033.

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